Student Organizations

During my junior and senior year, I participated several student organizations to get to know more people with same interests.

TAMU Datathon

I joined TAMU Datathon as one of the design team since 2021 Spring. I was the Design Lead from 2022 Spring to 2023 Fall. I'm responsible for designing the website and merch for TAMU Datathon. I appreciated this great place to meet my best friends during my college life. Shout out to TAMU DATATHON!!!

Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club

Since 2021 Fall, I joined Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club as one of members. I'm also a member of the TAMU Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys) chapter. After my internship at Splunk working on security related project. I was invited and shared my inernship experience with other WiCys members.

TAMU Taekwondo Team

I joined TAMU Taekwondo Team since 2022 Fall. I'm a member of the sparring team. In 2023 Spring, I was one of the team members who participated in the 2023 National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA) National Championships. I will continue to practice and participate in the NCTA competition in 2024 Spring.

Volunteer experience

During my freshman and sophomore year, I participated several volunteer events for helping others who need us.

Galveston Freshman Leadership Organization (GFLO)

During 2020 spring, I was selected as a volunteer to provide assistance for community activity “Galveston Lone Star Motorcycle Rally”. In that activity, we directed visitors to the destination they wanted.

Peer Notetaker for Disability Resources

I was a peer notetaker for the courses CSCE222 and CSCE314, demonstrated respect, selfless service, and leadership as a volunteer peer notetaker by providing an accessible and inclusive learning environment

Student Volunteer for MRI/EEG tests

Since I did related research with Neurotechnology, I signed up when I heared there is a opportunity to be the participant. The purpose of this study is to test the ability to switch between performing different tasks. I'm responsible for recording brain activity with electroencephalography (EEG) and fMRI scan, and complete the cognitive task during EEG and MRI.

Abby Xu

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2023 - Rong(Abby) Xu