Technical Projects

Throne Locker (TAMUhack 2021)

Feb 2021

I worked with a team of 4 engineers to build a mobile app and make a storage box to solve the American Airlines Challenge. Our team brainstorm the idea about how to improve the passengers' flighting experience and developed it. I worked on the front-end development by using the Kivy library in Python, worked on data transmission in the cloud server. This project awarded the Best Hardware Hack Sponsored by Digi-Key among 150+ teams.

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Search City Tool (TAMU Datathon 2020)

Oct 2020

We want to provide people with the characteristics of major cities in the United States. The design of our project was inspired by websites like US News Ranking and we spare no efforts to make our project more unique.

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Gikiyin (2020 TAMUG eSMART Competition)

Feb 2020 - May 2020

For the second semester during my freshman year, I led a team of six engineering students to participate eSMART - "A semester-long, interdisciplinary competition, eSMART tasks student teams to utilize their innovation, creativity and communication skills to create, race and present a remote-controlled water vehicle." During that competition, we designed and built a water vehicle. I was responsible for connecting EV3 controller to computer and writing a script for controling the boat. Finally we got the first place and won $500.

Preclinical Stages of Alzheimer's Disease Classification by a Rs-fMRI Study

Jul 2018 – Nov 2018

When I was in high school, I had a chance to be a student research assistant worked at Laboratory for Brain Science and Neurotechnology, Beijing Institute of Technology. I assembled a collector of the brain wave, experienced the electric welding and the circuit setup, utilized MATLAB to analyze 500+ patients' brain wave data from hospital, As a result, I collaborated with 6 teammates to write and publish the SCI essay "Preclinical Stages of Alzheimer's Disease Classification by an RS-FMRI", and attended the 2018 11th international congress on image and signal processing, biomedical engineering and informatics (CISP-BMEI 2018).

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