Abby Xu

Entrepreneurial and innovative senior at Texas A&M University majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Cybersecurity and Mathematics. Deeply interested in Human Computer Interaction, Natual Language Process, security and software development, proficient in relationship building, team-player and leadership mindset.

Recent Experience

Student Researcher

During 2023 summer, I was interned at Arizona State University as Student Researcher. Currently I'm working on a research project about "Silent User Detection in Social Media" under the advising of Prof Huan Liu's PhD student Zhen tan.


Software Dev Engineer Intern

During 2022 summer, I was interned at Amazon as Software Dev Engineer Intern. I built a full-stack web portal to enable rest FireTV teams onboarding to the service involved with getting confidential on device log data, resulted in a 30% reduction in the overall process time and provided a universal platform for data collection and status tracking.


Technical Marketing Intern - Security

During 2021 summer, I was interned at Splunk as Technical Marketing Intern. I drove results of synthetic data used in demos throughout org, for demos in collaboration with Technical Marketing Team and thousands of Splunkers and partners.


Design Lead

From 2022 Jan. to 2022 Dec., I was the Design Lead officer from TAMU Datathon. I was leading 3 design members to design official website, merches, and social posts. Besides that, we also helped to coordinate one of the largest Major League Hacking Hackathons at TAMU with over 400+ participants. TAMU Datathon 2022 was hosted vitually and in-person at Texas A&M University during October 8th - 9th. 👉 Check our website here

TAMU Datathon

Teaching/Research Assistant

I've been a Peer Teacher of ENGR-102 and ENGR-216 since Augest 2020. My work includes holding lab section and office hour, and assisting in grading assignments.

I'm also involving with Innovation[X] program as a student researcher leading by Dr. Arum Han. Our project attempts to create a portable platform enables on-site rapid and sensitive detection of airborne bacteria and viruses in aerosol samples.

TAMU Engineering

Fun Fact

I LOVE triping around the world. So far I have traveled to over 14 countries in East Asia, Europe and North America.
I like to take video when I'm traveling. It's a great way to record my life. Definitely check my videos here!!!
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Abby Xu

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